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By Harry Morris

Head WC Rebels e-SL SW RP EVO 14 review

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The perfect race ski if you want a slight step down froma FIS ski.

I bought these after my Blizzard slalom skis exploded on impact with a fence and they are now my favourite race ski I’ve ridden!

Head skis are generally slightly stiffer than some of the competition and so even though these aren’t quite up there with the FIS models, they give you an incredible amount of performance and trust, unless you really know what you’re talking about you would struggle to tell you weren’t on a FIS ski.

At 67 underfoot they are an incredibly responsive ski and take very little input to initiate your turns, this makes them super agile (and fun) in dynamic short radius turns. As a result, they can be a bit of a handful if you’re not prepared or are not used to such a powerful ski, but once you get on top of them and really drive the ski, they will do anything and everything you ask of them. Their stiffness makes them very tricky when taken into bumps, but not impossible, it just takes a lot of effort and good technique (which is no bad thing at all).

Obviously, these are not meant for long turns and with a radius of around 12 meters that’s as big as you’re going to get when carving, but the connection you feel with the snow Is incredible and the trust you have in the ski to hold its edge is up there with the best GS skis I’ve ever ridden. These are the perfect ski for those super icy spring mornings, so long as you’ve looked after the edges, they’ll cut through the ice like you’re on a perfect mid-winter morning groomer.

They are not an ‘off piste’ ski… enough said on that.

I love these skis, they’ve come all around the world with me; I’ve taught on then, raced on them, cruised on them, and pushed them to (my) limits, and they’ve stuck with everything I’ve asked them to do.