Find and share honest opinions about all available ski models

Finding honest information about a ski can be hard, therefore we created this platform to help you find the right ski for your needs. We believe that the best information comes from the people who have actually used the ski. That's why we encourage you to share your opinion about the ski you have used. This way we can help each other find the right ski.

Available brands

Ski Name
Armada ARG II UL
Armada Edollo
Atomic Backland 100
Atomic Backland 107
Atomic Backland 117
Atomic Backland 62 UL vert
Atomic Backland 65 UL
Atomic Backland 78
Atomic Backland 78 UL
Atomic Backland 85
Atomic Backland 85 UL
Atomic Backland 95
Atomic Bent 100
Atomic Bent 110
Atomic Bent 85
Atomic Bent 90
Atomic Bent chetler 120
Atomic Maverick 100 TI
Atomic Maverick 86 C
Atomic Maverick 88 TI
Atomic Maverick 95 TI
Black crows Anima
Black crows Atris
Black crows Atris birdie
Black crows Camox
Black crows Corvus
Black crows Mirus Cor
Black crows Navis Freebird
Black crows Nocta
Black crows Vertis
Black diamond Helio Carbon 88
Black diamond Helio Carbon 95
Black diamond Helio carbon 104
Black diamond Helio carbon 115
Black diamond Impulse 104
Black diamond Impulse 112
Black diamond Impulse 98
Blizzard Rustler 9
Blizzard Thunderbird SP 7.2
Dynastar M-Free 99
Elan Ripstick 106
Elan Ripstick 116
Elan Ripstick 88
Elan Ripstick 96
Elan Ripstick Tour 104
Elan Ripstick Tour 88
Elan Ripstick Tour 94
Elan Wingman 78 C
Extrem Factory 112
Extrem Final opinion 118
Extrem Mothertree 105
Extrem Mothertree 95
Extrem Mothertree 95 carbon
Extrem Project 83
Extrem Project 90
Faction Prodigy 0
K2 Disruption 78C
K2 Mindbender 108ti
K2 Mindbender 89ti
K2 Mindbender 99ti
K2 Poacher
K2 Reckoner 102
K2 Reckoner 112
K2 Reckoner 122
K2 Reckoner 92 men
K2 Reckoner 92 women
Line Blend
Line Honey bee
Line Tom Wallisch Pro
Movement Fly 115
Movement Go 112
Nordica Belle 72 ca
Nordica Belle 73
Nordica Belle 75
Nordica Belle dc 72
Nordica Belle dc 78
Nordica Belle sl dc fdt
Nordica Dob. dh wc dept edt plate
Nordica Dob. gs wc dept plate
Nordica Dob. sg wc dept edt plate
Nordica Dob. sl wc dept plate
Nordica Dobermann combi pro s (jr 4.5 fdt)
Nordica Dobermann combi pro s (jr 7.0 fdt)
Nordica Dobermann gs race plate
Nordica Dobermann gsc fdt
Nordica Dobermann gsj plate
Nordica Dobermann gsr dc fdt
Nordica Dobermann multigara dc fdt
Nordica Dobermann multigara dc race
Nordica Dobermann sl race plate
Nordica Dobermann sl wc plate
Nordica Dobermann slc fdt
Nordica Dobermann slj plate
Nordica Dobermann slr dc fdt
Nordica Enforcer 100
Nordica Enforcer 104
Nordica Enforcer 104 free
Nordica Enforcer 104 unlimited
Nordica Enforcer 110 free
Nordica Enforcer 80 s
Nordica Enforcer 88
Nordica Enforcer 88 unlimited
Nordica Enforcer 89
Nordica Enforcer 94
Nordica Enforcer 94 unlimited
Nordica Enforcer 99
Nordica Santa ana 102
Nordica Santa ana 104 free
Nordica Santa ana 104 unlimited
Nordica Santa ana 80 s
Nordica Santa ana 84
Nordica Santa ana 87
Nordica Santa ana 88
Nordica Santa ana 88 unlimited
Nordica Santa ana 92
Nordica Santa ana 93
Nordica Santa ana 93 unlimited
Nordica Santa ana 97
Nordica Santa ana 98
Nordica Spitfire 68 dc fdt
Nordica Spitfire 73 fdt
Nordica Spitfire 74 dc fdt
Nordica Spitfire 75 fdt
Nordica Spitfire ca fdt
Nordica Spitfire dc 68 pro fdt
Nordica Spitfire dc 74 pro fdt
Nordica Spitfire dc 80 pro fdt
Nordica Spitfire ti fdt
Nordica Steadfast 75 ca fdt
Nordica Steadfast 80 ca fdt
Nordica Steadfast 85 dc fdt
Nordica Team am fdt (100-140)
Nordica Team am fdt (110-150)
Nordica Team am fdt (70-90)
Nordica Team g fdt (100-140)
Nordica Team g fdt (110-140)
Nordica Team g fdt (70-90)
Nordica Team j r fdt (100-140)
Nordica Team j r fdt (110-150)
Nordica Team j r fdt (70-90)
Nordica Unleashed 108
Nordica Unleashed 114
Nordica Unleashed 90
Nordica Unleashed 98
Nordica Unleashed j fdt
Nordica Wild belle 74
Nordica Wild belle 78 ca
Nordica Wild belle dc 84
ON3P Mango 100
Rossignol Experience 78 Ca
Rossignol Sender 106Ti+
Rossignol Sender 90 Pro
Salomon Addikt pro
Salomon Blank
Salomon Echo 106
Salomon MTN 80 Carbon
Salomon MTN 80 Pro
Salomon MTN 86 Carbon
Salomon MTN 86 Pro
Salomon MTN 96 Carbon
Salomon QST 106
Salomon QST 92
Salomon QST 98
Salomon S/FORCE FX.76
Salomon S/FORCE FX.80
Salomon S/FORCE TI.76
Salomon S/FORCE TI.80
Salomon S/MAX 10
Salomon S/MAX 12
Salomon S/MAX 8
Salomon Stance 102
Salomon Stance 84
Salomon Stance 90
Salomon Stance 96
Volkl Revolt 121
Volkl Revolt 86