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How to Choose the Right Length All-Mountain Skis for Advanced Skiers?

The right length is somewhere around your nose, longer is more stable, shorter is easier to turn!

Height (cm)Height (feet/inches)Suggested Ski Length (cm)
< 152< 5'0"140 - 150
152 - 1635'0" - 5'4"150 - 160
163 - 1735'4" - 5'8"160 - 170
173 - 1835'8" - 6'0"170 - 180
183 - 1936'0" - 6'4"180 - 190
> 193> 6'4"190 - 200

The length of an all-mountain ski, as the type of ski suggests, is between that of a slalom ski and, for example, a freeride ski. Logically, because you want to be able to use it everywhere. Since we are looking at skis for advanced skiers, I assume that you can come down from a black slope in a controlled manner and feel comfortable on a red slope.

view of a ski area

The Advantages of Longer Skis

The longer the ski you choose, the more steel edge of the ski makes contact with the snow. This is good because it makes the ski more stable in the snow and gives you more grip when the slopes become icy. Especially at the beginning of the day when the slopes are nicely prepared, it's super nice to have a long stable ski.

If you go for a ski that comes under your nose, you get a ski that turns more easily. Ideal if you are, for example, a bit older or not so strong. If the ski holiday for you is about skiing comfortably and enjoying the surroundings, it might not be a bad idea at all to take a short ski. Especially at the end of a busy day when the whole slope is full of bumps, it is much easier to get down with a shorter ski because it fits more easily between the bumps.

view of a ski area

Varies by Model

Often, manufacturers also have specific recommendations for their skis. So, if you have chosen a ski, it is often also useful to look on the manufacturer's website to see what they recommend. For the skis in our tool, the recommended length is also displayed when available.

The length is not an exact science; when the ski you want is not exactly available in the length you would want, a few centimeters do not make a huge difference. Most manufacturers have so many different lengths per model that there is something suitable for everyone.