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By Heleen de Jong

Black crows Vertis review

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This is a nice piste ski that you can also enjoy off-piste! The Vertis is the piste model from Black Crows and it does that well. With an 85 mm waist, the ski gives you a pleasant edge change and the 15 m radius makes turns easy. The wider, of the two standard sizes, steel edge provides grip and a solid feel.

But this ski is not limited to perfectly groomed pistes. You can also have fun with it off-piste. Especially in tracked terrain, the stiffness of the ski gives a feeling of stability and control. As a result, you can ski at higher speeds, which compensates for the somewhat more difficult turning of this stiffer ski.

I'm not a park skier – and these skis are not intended for that – but you can jump well with them. They do not slide out from under you quickly. For rails, they might not be so suitable due to the 8 cm off-center mounting.

One of the decisive reasons for the Vertis for me was the quality of my other Black Crows. After 4 seasons, they are still in good condition. The Vertis are also of strong quality.

These are not the skis for you if you only want to ski in the park, or only on perfect pistes, or only in deep powder. But if you are looking for a nice piste ski with which you can also jump and go off-piste, then I would definitely recommend these!