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By Harry Morris

Black crows Mirus cor review

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These are my favourite ski. EVER. FULL STOP.

The Mirus Cor’s do everything, and they do it really, really well.

I bought these so I could have a good all-round ski that I could travel with and ski any conditions, any line, any speed, without having to change skis.

They are marketed as a carving ski, but I think that sells them a bit short, they are far more versatile than that. Despite having the 184cm model, their design, with the strong sidecut and high flex allows them to be incredibly playful and poppy, while having a longer model and slightly more ski under my foot also allows me to lean on them a bit more in the longs and get some real performance out of them. With a waist of 87mm and a radius of only 13m, I find them just as eager to enter a turn as a dedicated slalom ski, but with the added flex they offer a far more forgiving towards to the turn and allow you to get away with a lot more (and have more fun at the same time), this obviously comes at the cost of some of the performance, but they’re not a race ski, and they’re not pretending to be.

When if comes to anything ‘off piste’ they shine just as brightly, they’re not a steep and deep back country ski, and I wouldn’t recommend touring on them, but for any and all conditions you’re likely to find in ‘in resort’ ‘off-piste’ areas they’re ideal. They are light and flexi enough, and just wide enough at tip and tail to float through the powder with ease, and the swallow tail at the back allows them to be super agile while doing so. They’re also brilliant in moguls, which is unusual for a ski that is also so good at either on or off-piste skiing (and these can do all 3).

These are probably the only ski I’ve ridden that you could confidently send a fall line mogul run, drop off the edge and shred through some waist deep powder, then jump back onto a groomer and get your hip to the floor in the same run. They don’t necessarily do any of those things perfectly, but they do them all pretty damn well. You could easily replace 3 or 4 pairs of dedicated on and off-piste skis with these and notice very little difference in performance.