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By Heleen de Jong

Black crows Atris birdie review

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The women's model of the Black Crows Atris, the Atris Birdie, is promoted as 'a ski that excels in powder and is also impeccable in all other conditions'. And I agree with that!

Four years ago, I bought these skis as my first to do more freeriding. Initially, I thought I would only use these skis on powder days, but it turned out to be quite the opposite: they became my most used and for several seasons even my only skis because they met all my requirements.

In powder, these skis provide float, control, and most importantly, a lot of fun. They taught me how to freeride and enjoy it because they do what you ask of them: both in large fields and in runs through the trees. Indeed, they excel the most in powder, but are stiff enough to give you control in less than optimal off-piste conditions.

I also enjoy these skis on the piste: originally, I was afraid that the 108 mm waist would make it difficult to edge the ski. Of course, this is easier with a real piste ski, but the Atris Birdie can do it too! With a 19 m radius, the ski prefers to make long, delightful turns on the piste. However, if you want to put in more effort, you get a lot in return when you go for short turns.

I must honestly admit that the topsheet design of the Atris Birdie made me choose this ski over other available freeride skis – and I have not regretted that for a moment! It's a wonderful ski and the Birdie model makes it easier to ski than the standard Atris. If you're looking for a stiffer ski, the standard model might be better for you, but I find the Atris Birdie always provides me enough stability.

After four seasons, I expanded my set with a more piste-oriented ski (Black Crows Vertis) because skiing on a wide ski (108 mm) is not as good for your knees. This is also definitely a good purchase, but it's a shame I now have to choose between them.

The Atris Birdie is ideal as an easy freeride ski that also performs well on the piste.

PS. And it also looks beautiful.