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By Silas Damkjaer

Armada Bdog review

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There is soft, really soft, and then there is Bdog soft. Designed together with the legendary Phil Casabon, the Armada Bdog has from start been designed and made for jibbing. Its perfectly symmetrical, true twin design is soft, playful and easy to get used to.

I have been skiing these for almost 3 years now and no ski has felt more stable and trusted under my foot from sliding rails to hitting doubles on the kicker lines. They have withstood core shots, bent edges and a chipped topsheet while still shredding as hard as they did when I first got them. Armada has really outdone themselves when it comes to the durability of this ski.

The uncommon design of having straight sidewalls on the tip and tail is almost too easy to look past until you go back to a more common design. To prevent snagging and the tips getting caught in snow and on each other, the sidewall stops getting wider earlier than other park skis, helping you butter rollers with ease, slide rails with confidence and lacing grabs on jumps without worrying about the landing. With a 94mm underfoot they are also incredibly stable in most conditions.

Despite being such a great ski for park, it performs best in the hands of an experienced user. With its incredible softness it takes minimal effort for the ski to bend away underneath you, requiring good mastery of foot placement to make sure landings stick, so any front heavy riders or backseat skiers will have a hard time controlling this ski to its best potential.

But dont let it scare you, the bdog is easy to learn and forgiving in falls, making you able to bring out the best of your performance. It's more of a toy than a tool, and I recommend a centre mounting point to really get the best out of these skis.